Unexpected Antique Cars at Geirangerfjord

The following events occurred between Oct 14 and Oct 18 of 2015.

On the way from Oslo to Geirangerfjord, my dad and I stayed in Lillehammer and ate at this Indian restaurant which I very much recommend: https://www.facebook.com/Bombaytandoori/ (UK style punjabi food)

This is a Norwegian lake (not fjord):


The land is barren and sparsely populated. Most people do not go by car from Oslo to Geirangerfjord — they come by cruise. This is a Norwegian glacier:


A waterfall:


Significant hills:

12095006_10208002423397068_1510617719515112977_o.jpg 12094938_10208002423837079_7579409979092084932_o.jpg




There were unfortunately no water activities like boating allowed because it was off-season. We took hikes instead.


There was a big troll:


The water was very cold:


failed attempt to cross cold stream (much easier in Nainital):


Small Town Waterfall into Fjord:


I would very much recommend http://www.hotelunion.no/en/ where we stayed because of its history (entrepreneurial founder, luxury car museum):


picture from https://media-cdn.tripadvisor.com/media/photo-s/03/de/77/a9/union-hotel-geiranger.jpg

View from hotel:

12105775_10208002428797203_8904177916490969790_n (1).jpg

A Fly’s View:


The perspective of a fly is portrayed in the Eega movie.

Luxury car museum — the rich man’s cars:

12091209_10208002429397218_7715611566938823238_o.jpg 11223599_10208002429757227_937147799437600253_o.jpg

Studebaker only one of its model, classic cars used to transport tourists from the fjord to the hotel:

12091228_10208002430237239_1317093125987899832_o.jpg 12122818_10208002430597248_5377260121613354580_n.jpg

And the photo on the right is a Cadillac 1919.

1918 Mercer Touring — cost of 8 model T’s:


1610808_10208031485723608_4892509179988098147_n.jpg 12028771_10208031486083617_9158142016705673207_o.jpg

Cars moving off a small ferry (too little demand for a bridge):


Cars moving onto a small ferry:


Angry mammal:



Calming down:


View from hike:

12141684_10208031488483677_9002144840100850313_n.jpg 12132387_10208031489763709_5410211536471030883_o.jpg

My dad and I met a girl on the hike who seemed a few years older than me. We inquired whether we can rent a boat and she said everything is closed. She talked a bit about it being off-season.

She did not seem Norwegian. She said she was Swedish — actually her father is Swedish and her mother from West Indies. She said she was in Norway because she fell in love with a Norwegian — in those very words. I told a friend at the time about this and she was very impressed by the romanticism.

The breakfast was cute:


Norwegian Museum of Cultural History:

12032755_10208031490883737_5600176843015109409_o.jpg 12028820_10208031491123743_3269862500097767732_o.jpg

Stave church 1200, Viking influence of dragons

Excellent pigs and cow:

12038850_10208031491523753_7747123079161168082_o.jpg 12105742_10208031492363774_9181015385233766542_n.jpg 12045785_10208031492923788_8971320048546073176_o.jpg

Norway is an expensive, natural, and northern place.

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