Kon Tiki & Ship Museums in Oslo

I was in Oslo from Oct 12, 2015 through Oct 14, 2015.

12095240_10207990273733334_5127211143342719960_o.jpg 12109792_10207990274533354_1046505171780426020_o.jpg

The Oseberg Viking Burial Ship (820 AD)

  • Serpents are important in Viking and Scandinavian culture
  • People who died of illness went to Helheim
  • Ship burial, ship takes them to underworld
  • Food buried with the dead

12095108_10207990275493378_5371634882669414487_o.jpg 12140171_10207990275093368_453751852462626783_o.jpg


The more sturdy Gokstad ship (900 AD)


The Tune ship (900 AD)


Screen Shot 2016-12-01 at 3.01.09 PM.png

A picture of me which a friend of mine, at the time, particularly liked. She also said that the hostel I was staying at looked like a hotel because it was so many stories high.

12107836_10207990311774285_6701963561551684278_n.jpg 12088451_10207990312174295_5792832950082739594_n.jpg

foldable spoon


Thai food in Norway was particularly expensive. Not very filling.

12079989_10207990312814311_8002687212209666067_o.jpg 12094826_10207990313214321_5818588140095779859_o.jpg

Two women came out of a car and ask me to come with them. I ran away and ended up at this fortress — The Akershus Fortress.


Norwegian police on horseback

12113449_10207990314054342_3442862421916196237_o.jpg 12113340_10207990314494353_6839174612532934365_o.jpg

Oslo Harbor and more Fortress

12113286_10207990314774360_1051161655717287863_o.jpg 12074615_10207990328854712_8783458515157514444_n.jpg

Norwegian blueberry doughnut with strawberry milk


The original Kon Tiki – a book I found boring in middle school is a museum I find fascinating now. I met my father outside the museum.



An extremely lifelike Thor Heyerdahl


And then I met up with my father and we drove to Geirangerfjord.


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