Danish Steps into Scandinavia

Oct 8 – 10, 2015 in Denmark


I met a liberal intellectual on the train from Berlin to Copenhagen who said he’d rather visit India again than the US.

He said he’d contact me but didn’t. As I’ve travelled, I’ve met these in-the-moment-types, the best example of whom was a Mancunian I met in Prague. They give you excellent conversation in the moment but are not the online types that keep in touch even as fb friends. I didn’t expect this guy to be one of those types though because he seemed pretty tech savvy given his work experience.

When I arrived at the Copenhagen Central Station, I was immediately approached by an African guy who asked me if I’m a Muslim 🙂 I said no but he said please give me 100 kroner ($15) anyway. I declined the poor guy :/

There was this couple from Lebanon in my bus who happened to be sitting across from the German man and me in the train. They were very good looking. I noticed the young lady was reading To Kill a Mockingbird and so I asked her how the read is. She said she has been trying to read smilingly, insinuating that my conversation with the German made it a little difficult to read. Yes we were loud.

I met an Italian girl, a bit younger than me, walking toward the Danhostel and followed her. She said it was her first time in Copenhagen I said it was mine too. The hostel exemplified Scandinavian cleanliness — it was like a hospital. The only irksome part was that you had to press a button to keep the shower going.

12112070_10207964202401567_5908160193488215927_n.jpg 11233995_10207964202601572_2368463005036798149_n.jpg

Disgusting danish licorice, pressed the wrong button on the vending machine Nothing open at 11pm except vending machine.

I met a few people in my hostel room. One man who was looking for work. He said I look Pakistani. I said thanks.

There was a lawyer from Kansas City, Missouri. We would end up becoming good friends. He was out for 4 weeks or so for vacation. We would talk a bunch about relationships.

I went to the Rosenburg Castle. I remember thinking about how small it was.

12068907_10207966154970380_3433773784816436514_o.jpg 12120059_10207966154330364_5118414923723087869_o.jpg

12119997_10207966199171485_9157162973030945055_o.jpg 12068811_10207966199851502_4897519254067257193_o.jpg

11225370_10207966200251512_7605274356783168765_o.jpg 12138591_10207966200571520_4666710920105210807_o.jpg

The gardens were big though.

12091439_10207966203451592_7779761308706536201_o.jpg 11116515_10207966259252987_5604764591478458243_o.jpg

12113405_10207966260413016_5800910269268855473_o.jpg 12091375_10207966260933029_7497574709866250099_o.jpg

with lots of ridiculous sculptures.


Some pre-teen girls wanted me to buy some cupcakes for only 1 kroner so I did. Or maybe it was 5? I remember being surprised at how cheap they were. It was for a charity.

12132416_10207966262013056_2001673758382850684_o.jpg 12110044_10207966262253062_1828907906672507331_o.jpg

12095193_10207966262813076_6941504407311570052_o.jpg 12087694_10207966263213086_3004969559176637762_o.jpg

I walked across the whole town of Copenhagen to see the Little Mermaid. I ran into the KSCITY lawyer on the way! It’s quite a small big city. He said there would be an event going on that night that neither of us went to.


12140007_10207966265093133_6661377497272215038_o.jpg 12106955_10207966265413141_8740845966992415836_n.jpg

They were selling some expensive street food in that teepee.

12080306_10207966266493168_343916986155231544_o.jpg 12115534_10207966267533194_305260869696375562_n.jpg

I was very keen on visiting the actual LEGO HQ factory in Denmark but that was too far, so I went to the Copenhagen store.

12140651_10207966268013206_1839392663435361448_n.jpg 12140144_10207966268173210_7876078096908473871_o.jpg

I joined two Australian brothers at Tivoli and we went on some rides. One had an interesting complexion. They were from my hostel. I suggested if they come to the USA then they should rent a car.

12106773_10207966268493218_5296934577051504923_n.jpg 10423672_10207966268733224_9122850568428037237_n.jpg

There were chickens roaming about the amusement park.

12088526_10207966269293238_3286591415516481174_n.jpg 12118632_10207966269613246_2475639329734805773_n.jpg

12141701_10207969941225034_1593525324716750872_n.jpg 12096087_10207969941625044_8700172907021671275_n.jpg

I met a lawyer from Kansas City. He also told me about a Chinese girl he dated very seriously. She runs a very successful business and is doing her Ph.D. They broke up and she married someone else. But she bought the lawyer’s family ranch and stable back in Kansas, and he still runs it for her. They are great friends. I remember thinking how difficult and remarkable pulling that friendship off might be. The day I left Copenhagen he sent me a picture of him dining with a new lady friend he made. He wasn’t eating canned tuna every day after all.

11230119_10207969943105081_678717805930307947_o.jpg 12080312_10207969944105106_7547217310529625894_o.jpg

On the train to Elsinore, I met a VP of Oracle. He was from Chennai and CMU. We would later meet again at Stanford in a more Silicon-Valley-esque setting. He was with a friend who was also from India and working in SV. His friend was married to a European woman whom I’m still in touch with as well through social media.

Also, that is a fish made of trash.

10900153_10207969944545117_1982111197751131952_o.jpg 12113469_10207969945025129_5008508049667082188_o.jpg

It was a pleasure visiting Hamlet’s castle. Reminded me of the Globe and even more so the Oregon Shakespeare festival. Interestingly, there are many parts of the world that celebrate Shakespeare much better than London does. At least they are more defined by Shakespeare than London is.

12091277_10207969945905151_3080111282050953687_o.jpg 12091204_10207969946545167_3076804068725741931_o.jpg

12108948_10207969947425189_6162544291182982087_n.jpg 1920059_10207969948225209_6107045621916940693_n.jpg 12115514_10207969949505241_54648883162116393_n.jpg

What a beautiful site 🙂

12079129_10207969949825249_1833955438241686030_n.jpg 12108222_10207969950225259_2134453651701132266_n.jpg

The Silicon Valley trio really liked the coffee in Elsinore. A little elitist and very selective 🙂 I drank hot chocolate and had this almond croissant.

12144911_10207970819406988_631388386526949951_n.jpg 12105749_10207970819686995_4177127283743575249_n.jpg

Before departing, I had some Scandinavian rhubarb juice with a nutty spaghetti pesto, also made in a uniquely Scandinavian fashion.

12080174_10207975131874797_8610632361303366008_o.jpg 12132587_10207975133474837_7012454646981887609_o.jpg

Freetown Christiana was Gaanja paradise. Lots of Bob Marley worship there.


12063381_10207975134994875_5296765057452335213_n.jpg 12122569_10207975135474887_6140983077630016103_n.jpg

Are they really not part of the EU I thought.

1901155_10207975135914898_6700198402942165797_n.jpg 12096619_10207975136474912_1612692732023941189_n.jpg

Lots of weed. Read lots of Wiki articles about it while in it.


That is me.


What is that tower? Anyone want to share.


There was an elephant on that house.

I remember getting lost and confused. Had trouble getting out. Was afraid of missing my train to Oslo.

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