A Sinking Swedish Pride

11722345_10208031493363799_3449534651260563763_o (1).jpg

Outside the Nobel Museum in Gamla Stan. My dad mentioned he was a dynamite businessman with an interest in science.

12112084_10208031493763809_6562166782159312869_n.jpg Witnessed the famous change of guards.


Sweden is still a monarchy.


There was a fire once at the Gamla Stan. 6 years of beating of the fire watchers who failed in their duty followed.


me with Karl X Gustav’s clothes


Sweden was heavily influenced by the French Baroque movement.


This passionate statue is too passionate.


replica of Versailles’ Hall of Mirrors at the Swedish Royal Palace


I ate at a hipster taco place in Stockholm. Taco Bar Stureplan.

I stayed at the Birka Hostel in Stockholm, where I ran into some great company. There was an Argentinian girl  whom I bought groceries with — some pasta — all veg. We prepared dinner together and in the kitchen we met two new people.

Two German job-seekers of Eastern European background. One was a guy and another a girl so I asked them if they are married and they said no they are not in a relationship — they are only supporting one another.

There was an immature but very friendly 18 year old Norwegian boy of Russian descent. He told me a story about how he ate Indian food with his hand. I congratulated him.

I told my story of how a girl broke off an arranged marriage to try to be with me, even though I left to travel. I said if I visit her home country on my digital nomad adventure, her family would try to kill me. All of the travelers were very amused as they saw a few Bollywood films. They would sometimes post as comments on my fb photos — “are you still alive?!”. It was a splendid get-together.


The famous Swedish gardens — at Djurgårdsbron.


The Vasa Ship Museum featured an amazing story of a ship that sank in Stockholm’s harbor. The huge ship, a result of lots of hard work, left Stockholm and immediately sank. It was discovered much later and restored.


Me with a man who sunk 400 years ago. I passed the ABBA museum but didn’t get time to go. The Vasa Ship museum was definitely worth it though. Sweden was the powerful civilization of Northern Scandinavia. It was more urban than Norway and more powerful than Finland. Sweden was quite the leader and the sunk ship was a blow to its ego.




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