Luxembourg, Belgium, Amsterdam in a time of Terror

Do you remember the November 2015 terror attacks in Paris? Well that re-routed me to Luxembourg, instead of Paris.

Luxembourg was the highest GDP per capita country I had been to, and everything was so expensive.

I think the GDP per capita was near 120K which is more than even Norway at that time.

I stayed at a pretty clean and nice hostel by HI. The HI hostels are a little fancier than ones, but they are also significantly more expensive. It was up on a hill and the walk there from the train station was pretty interesting and surreal:

I then took a train to Brussels. The city was under “lockdown” but you could still go around and see sites. There were armed police in tanks everywhere though. I found that a little cool and a little scary.

I went by train between all these European cities. I then met my cousin who was visiting Amsterdam. I had been traveling a while and had some crazy adventures in Southern Europe, so I had a general health checkup in Amsterdam and found that I was doing fine. My cousin laughed at my craziness and zeal for adventure and travel. We spoke on video chat with her friends at the hostel I booked for us. She didn’t like that I booked hostel bunks so she changed to a private room for the first night and cancelled the second night, replacing it with a nice hotel instead. She was about to join Apple as a Software Engineer, so she had the budget. I told her that her brother was cheap about hostels in India, why was she so fancy with everything, and she laughed.

We went to the Rijksmuseum and Anne Frank House. We walked by the canals which were more prevalent than those in Venice. We had a good time.

This was a time when weed wasn’t legal in most of the US, but it was in Amsterdam, so the city was popular for this.

We then parted ways — I headed to Ireland, and she to Italy.

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