Prague Praha Prag

I arrived in Prague by plane from Helsinki. I was thrilled to be in Eastern Europe. I spent a while in the airport freshening up. I fumbled around a bit. I had to charge my phone with remaining power from my laptop and both were acting up.

The bus I took was clean and modern.

The subway I took was clean and modern. Purchasing a ticket required coins.

Language was a small but not big issue.

I stayed at Hostel Mojo which I apparently have given a 10/10 review on Hostel World.

I met some interesting Mancunians at the hostel.

I went out and got this churro-like treat. Was better than all churros I had at the time, but the churros in Mexico I would have later in life would beat even this clever hollow cylinder.


I saw the old clock of Prague. It was quite old. There was history.


This is a nice photo of me being with the clock.


I am wearing the same shirt today while writing this blog that I wore that day in Prague:


The Czeck Republic is a very developed country as you can see.


I had some very nice hot wine on the streets. It was very cheap. I also was carrying a free map of Prague given to me by an excellent organization that provides free tours of Prague. Both items photographed were good.


This is a pig being fully roasted. My favorite animal is the pig.


Here is me on the free tour with the clock close up.


This was a Jewish concentration camp shown to us by our guide on the tour. I am still friends with a chap named Mike Jesus Langer from the tour. He highlighted the Jesus in his name.


We went to this outdoor square by the Vltava River.


I took this picture:


And these:


Here is me in front of the Vltava River. How clean they kept it.


I was speaking in a headstrong fashion comparing US universities on google hangouts when a boy my age overheard me. Turns out he was a friend of my friend Jay, from High School Junior States of America. We were in the same hostel. We went to dinner. We hung out. We talked. He was from Alameda. We went out. We met some Mancunians. We drank lots of Czech beer. I came home to Hostel Mojo early and apparently fell deep into sleep.




I talked with my sister on the phone about someone. It was an interesting conversation.



I had some very nice and twisty potato.


It was a very twisty potato.


The beggars had a sincere look:



And that was Prag(ue).

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